Clinical Risk Solutions: Organizational Leadership Strategies

  • Provide innovative strategies to develop physician patient safety leaders

  • Integrate organization and medical staff quality, patient safety, and risk initiatives

  • Conduct comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) clinical risk assessment

  • Develop medical staff patient safety accountabilities and performance measures

  • Conduct comprehensive risk assessments of high-risk clinical areas

  • Standardize sentinel event management and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process

  • Provide managerial training on adverse event response, investigation, and analysis

  • Integrate event data management system with process improvement initiatives

  • Provide managerial training to facilitate ongoing departmental FMEA drill-down evaluations

  • Implement standardize hand off communication process (SBAR, SBARR, TeamSTEPPSTM)

    Formal teamwork training improves team performance and outcomes. A set of core knowledge, skills and attitudes that apply to almost all teams include team leadership, performance monitoring, mutual support, and communication.

  • Medical mediation and conflict resolution process development

  • Proactively conduct clinical service/product risk evaluations